Tom and Jeffery marry at The Alexis Hotel

Tom and Jeffery met very briefly while both staying at a hotel in Florida. Tom was so smitten with Jeffery that he actually contacted the hotel after he left and asked if they would send Jeffery his information.  The night they first chatted, Tom was headed to a black tie event and Jeffery was recruiting for a ladies roller derby team in Indiana. It was Star Wars night. Their worlds were perfectly opposite and it worked. They started a 2 year long distance courtship traveling back and forth to see each other.  After saying he would never marry again Jeffery proposed to Tom after 5 years of dating.  They purchased their rings while traveling in Amsterdam. Their wedding was an eclectic mix of family,  friends, a wedding crasher and a magician.


Photography: Dani Weiss Photography

Venue and Catering: The Alexis Hotel

Florist: Young Flowers

Cake: New Renaissance Cakes

Magician: Nash Fung

Wedding Crasher: Actor Steffon Moody

Attire: Nordstrom

Rings: Gassan Diamonds

Singer: Gabe Clark of the Seattle Men’s Chorus



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  • Elaine Way - October 26, 2013 - 3:33 pm

    These are lovely Dani. You captured some fun and soft moments too!

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