Back it up!!

Ok folks, Here is your lesson for the day!! Back your images up!! I got a phone call I have always dreaded.  One of my clients had a house fire! Listen, I know you are all so busy in your lives. But.. it will be too late if you don’t back up your images. Unfortunately, this was a wedding shot in 1999. We were not scanning images then. My clients were in charge of storing their negatives. They burned.  So.. if you are one of my clients, I demand you go right now to your local photo lab and get your negatives scanned.  I recommend Panda Photographic or Moon Photo. To my other clients and anyone reading this, back up your discs!! Make prints and keep digital files at another location. There are plenty of off site storage companies you can use. Get a fire proof safe. Get a safety deposit box! Anything!! Just don’t put yourself in the position of losing all your photos! Ok, got the message. Good.. please enjoy your day and thanks for reading my rant! It comes only from the heart!

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  • Cecelia - One of the easiest ways you can make a fast offsite backup while looking into long term options is get an external harddrive (they have gotten really cheap, this is much cheaper than multiple cds or dvd) and copy you whole harddrive and give it to a trusted friend or relative. It’s not good for the long term but it’s definately a start and good for all you have AT THIS MOMENT.

  • daniweiss - I agree with Cecelia. But.. I will tell you I have had three hard drives fail as well. So.. my recommendation is to burn discs, put images on an external drive and off site back up too! That covers it all!