Mary Margaret and Seth get married at Greenbank Farms on Whidbey Island

Mary Margaret and Seth met through a mutual friend at their BBQ. Eventually they decided to get engaged on their sofa over breakfast on a Sunday morning. Their chihuahua and border collie were their witnesses. They chose Whidbey Island for their wedding after spending a lot of time together at Mary Margaret’s weekend house in Greenbank. They spend 2-3 weekends a month there talking, cooking and taking the dogs to the beach. When they were planning the wedding it was the obvious choice. They booked the Greenbank Farm within 3 days of being engaged. It is about a mile from their weekend getaway. The weather was a bit rainy but they were troopers! We did a lot of their portraits outside despite the pouring rain and the ceremony was moved indoors. It was a beautiful wedding and friends and family came from all over the country.

Here is the list of the Vendors:

Photography- Dani Weiss Photography

Caterer- The Savory Gourmet

Florist- Forget Me Not Flower Farm

Ceremony and Reception Facility- The Greenbank Farm

Pie- Whidbey Pies Cafe

Ice Cream- Empire Ice Cream

Favors- Theo Chocolates

Rings- Greenlake Jewelry Works

Dress- Anem Fairfield

Music- Pearl Django
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