A new album for Jennifer and Christopher

Jennifer and Christopher were married in January at Sodo Park. What a fun time we had doing portraits in the Pear Garden and also in the Sodo Park space. The catering was done by Herban Feast. The cake was done by New Renaissance Cakes and was designed by Christopher the groom. The music performed during the ceremony by Musica Graziosa. The ceremony was performed by The Reverand David Mesenbring from St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. The Reception music was performed by Josh Rawlings Jazz Trio featuring Ani Johnson on Vocals and DJ Darrell Crystal. Photography by Dani Weiss Photography with amazing second photography by Melanie Blair.001x10a002x10a003x10a004x10a005x10a006x10a007x10a008x10a009x10a010x10a011x10a012x10a013x10a014x10a015x10a016x10a017x10a018x10a019x10a020x10a021x10a022x10a023x10a024x10a025x10a026x10a027x10a028x10a029Ax10a029Bx10a030x10a

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